GDN Updates: New Site & New Role

Some news from Game Dev Ninja today! We finally have a proper website, including a little bit more information about some of the tools we’re working on for launch and beyond.

It’s been just over two months since we came up with the core concept of Game Dev Ninja. In that time we’ve made plenty of changes and tweaks to exactly what our software tools will look like and how we can help developers, but things are now slowly coming together.

Right now we intend to launch a beta version of the site to developers by the end of October. We’ll be offering lifetime free accounts for a limited time to developers who sign-up early and help us with feedback on how we can expand and develop our tools in the long term.

Our beta version will focus on modular press kit creation, code management, release tracking, changelog creation and productivity tools. 
One thing we’re very eager to do is to get these tools up, working and in front of developers as soon as we can so we can expand and build on our tools based on your feedback.

In the meantime, we’ll keep updating the blog with our progress – we’ll have more information on our approach to creating dynamic press kits next Friday – and we’ve also set up a Discord where we’ll be giving out beta invites and running paid

Indie Ninja Updates

We’ve also made some changes to Indie Ninja, our indie game showcasing site, since launch.

Dan’s monitor is proof that bigger isn’t always better, but it’s a good example of the new full-width layout!

You’re now able to view the entire page in full width, which is , visual change for anyone who happens to use an Ultrawide, like we do here in the office.

We’ve also moved away from modals and split our game information into regular pages. This has let us highlight visuals even more, and has made it easier to navigate the page overall. We’ve also added store links and prices to all released and Early Access games.

Finally, we’ve added rating history for games, so if you’re logged in and providing ratings for games, you can check out what games you’ve liked or disliked during your time on the site. If you’ve made a mistake or changed your mind about a game, you can delete your previous rating.

Being able to instantly view and change your reaction to games makes it much easier to see games relevant to you.

We’ve doubled the number of games on the site this week as well, but we still want to add hundreds more.

We’re actually looking now at advertising a paid position for big fans of independent games to help us expand our library, so check that out if you’re interested in joining us part-time!

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