Introducing: Indie Ninja

Today I’d like to introduce to another project we’ve been working on for a little while: Indie Ninja

One of our goals for GDN is to make an excellent product, but another is to keep close to what this is all about: the games themselves, and the developers making them.

Sometimes we can write words like ‘market research’ and ‘press release’ so much, or spend all day in an IDE, that we can forget that the real reason we do this is to get great games into the hands of people who might enjoy them.

And that’s really what Indie Ninja is all about, for us.

Indie Ninja is our answer to a traditional indie gaming focused site. We wanted to make something that showcased indie games in development, early access and release, providing players with an easy way to find their next favourite game.

As well as including the basics like website and Steam page, we also want to highlight key developers and artists that worked on each game.

At first, we considered making a traditional blog with articles, reviews, and news. After some soul searching though, we decided to make something a bit different: a site that showcases indie games and tries to provide players looking for their new favourite game, with just the right amount of information to go ahead and make a purchase.

We’ve tried to make things as visual possible, focusing on GIFs, screenshots, and video. When we write about the games, we highlight just the core details that we think are helpful when you’re buying a game. Things like a quick description of the game, what the devs have previously worked on and how well the game is or has been supported.

We also wanted to create something curated, so we have a platform to talk about games we personally enjoy or are excited to play. I talked a little bit earlier this week about Steam and it’s multiple problems with discovery, so we think the more sites that want to showcase cool indie games the better.

Our TV system is an excellent way to watch relevant indie game trailers without adverts or shovelware getting in the way

We’ve started to add games and are happy to take submissions of more directly from indie teams. We hope over the next few months to build up a great visual compendium of exciting, unique, beautiful and quirky games that people can either go out and buy or put on their radar for the future.

As we add more games we’ll also be tailoring the results for logged in users, so the more you view the site and tell us what you like to see, the more you’ll see games that are relevant to you. In time we want to create an accurate and helpful recommendation engine designed just for indie titles.

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